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Know that your elderly parents are doing well when you're not around with the TempoTM Series 3 by CarePredict!

Introducing the TempoTM Series 3 by CarePredict

CarePredict is the maker of the Tempo™ Series 3, the world’s first smart wearable for seniors that tracks activity patterns in real time and alerts family members of any changes in their parent’s daily habits that may be warning signs of deteriorating health.

A smart wearable designed with prevention in mind

The recipient of numerous awards in the field of connected health, the TempoTM Series 3 uses artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced algorithms to monitor the user’s vital signs and activity levels, and detect slight variations in their daily habits such as eating, walking, cooking and bathroom visits.

When there is a deviation in the wearer’s normal pattern of behavior, the system sends alerts to members of their Care Circle (family member or caregivers) to let them know if they’ve been skipping meals, have had restless sleep, or if they’ve been less active than usual. Signs that allow for early intervention that can minimize the risk of falls, malnutrition, depression or urinary tract infections.

The TempoTM Series 3 also features a two-way communication system that allows the elderly parent to communicate with a family member or caregiver in the event of a fall or discomfort.

The numerous benefits of the TempoTM Series 3 by CarePredict

Find out how CarePredict brings peace of mind to wearable users and their loved ones by downloading our presentation document.

Context beacons

Sophisticated sensors (also called context beacons) gather data on the user’s location, which makes it possible to analyze and better understand their daily activities and behavior patterns. These sensors also provide insights into where the senior spends their time. They can tell, for example, if the person went into the kitchen to prepare a meal or if they stayed longer than usual in the bathroom.

A Word from the President of Medisuivie

The TempoTM Series 3 opens a window into the wearer's daily life. It closes the distance between seniors and their loved ones by keeping a channel of communication open at all times. It's a forward-looking solution that I hope will radically transform the way we care for our parents and grandparents.

Normand Albert

Never miss a thing!

Know when your loved one...

Is skipping meals
Hasn't gotten out of bed
Isn't sleeping well
Is behaving differently

A monitoring system adapted to three types of users

Older adults living alone

People needing care at home

Seniors living in a retirement community

Real-time data visualization

CarePredict uses the latest technological advances, including artificial intelligence, to monitor the activity levels of seniors in real time, bringing peace of mind to their loved ones and caregivers.

The device and location beacons work together to track the wearer’s daily activities (hours of sleep, length and number of meals eaten each day, bathroom visits, etc.) and measure their vital signs. When a change is detected, the senior’s family and caregivers are alerted and can take action more quickly to prevent the senior’s health from deteriorating. 

Comparison Chart

  • CarePredict
  • Telus
  • Connect America
  • PERS Canada
Features CarePredictTelusConnect AmericaPERS Canada
Series 3
LivingWell Companion
Mobile PERS
The Independence Package
Fall Detection
Emergency button with 2-way voice
Heart Rate Monitor
Blood Oxygen monitor
Daily activity trend analysis
Real-time alerts
Location insights
UV-exposure detection
Data visualization via mobile app

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