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Keep an eye on your elder's activity level, CarePredictTM detects small changes tht can signal serious problems before they occur.

About CarePredictTM

CarePredict is the manufacturer of the TempoTM smart bracelet, designed especially for seniors. The first of its kind in the world, it analyzes their activity levels in real time, alerting family members to any changes in their daily habits that could be an early warning sign of deteriorating health.

Designed for prevention

Winner of numerous awards in the field of connected health, CarePredictTM uses artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to analyze vital signs and user behavior to detect slight variations in daily habits.

As soon as a deviation from normal behavior is detected, the system sends an alert to family members or care staff. They can tell if she’s skipped a meal or been less active than usual, or if she’s been sleeping more restlessly. This valuable information enables early intervention to prevent a variety of risks, including falls, malnutrition, urinary tract infections and depression.

The bracelet is equipped with a two-way communication system, enabling the elderly person to contact a family member or carer in the event of a fall or illness.

The many benefits of CarePredict TM

Find out how CarePredict brings peace of mind to bracelet users and those around them.

Stay tuned

Be advised if the person wearing the bracelet...

Skip a meal
Stay in bed
Sleeps less well
Behaves differently

A smart wearable for seniors

CarePredict uses AI to learn and follow daily habits so you can rest assured your loved one is safe, wherever you are and whatever they're doing.

Best-in Class Technology

Sophisticated sensors recognize, learn, and track daily activities and behaviors – even sensing exposure to UV light.

Always On

An in-place, swappable battery means never having to take off to recharge.

Intelligent Fall Detection

Sophisticated sensors continuously learn and improve over time to alert you when there may have been a fall.


A built-in button lets them get your attention with a simple press.

Two-Way Audio

Speak directly to each other for the reassurance both of you need.

Location Insights

Context Beacons give insight into where they spend their time – like if they’ve been to the kitchen to cook, or they’ve spent more time than usual in the bathroom.

A word from MediSuivie's President

CarePredictTM opens a window on the wearer's daily life. It ignores distance and brings seniors closer to their loved ones by keeping a channel of communication open at all times. It's a solution for the future that I hope will radically change the way we care for our parents and grandparents.

Normand Albert

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