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With its industry-first risk identification and proven results in reducing hospitalizations and falls, CarePredict makes financial sense.

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Caring For Your Residents

A New Model of Care

CarePredict’s AI and deep-learning models can detect early signs of health problems by analyzing the activity and behavior of seniors. Traditional senior care relies on physiological indicators to manage chronic conditions, but this is not enough to capture the holistic wellbeing of an individual. CarePredict Tempo combines physiological indicators with our unique activity and behavior signals to find new digital biomarkers that can predict health declines such as falls, UTIs, depression or nutrition deficits.

Operators & Community Management

Care Staff

TempoTM Wearable

The Tempo is a smart device that can monitor various activities and behaviors of a person, such as eating, bathing, sleeping, cooking and more. It can help with the early detection of potential risks to wellbeing and provide useful insights without using invasive cameras or radar sensors. The Tempo is specifically designed for older adults. It has a button that tells the time, day and battery level when pressed. The battery is rechargeable and replaceable, ensuring the Tempo doesn’t need to be removed for charging and the care staff can assist with swapping it when needed. The Tempo has a standard 22mm band that can be customized with different options.

Context Beacons

The Context Beacons are small devices that run on batteries and provides the location context— it tells the Tempo where the person is and what kind of room they are in. This contextual information empowers the Tempo to optimize its algorithms, ensuring a more accurate detection of appropriate behaviors within the given context.For example, it will not look for eating signs when the person is in the bathroom, but it will be more careful about fall detection, because most falls happen in the bathroom. The system can also know the exact location (like dining room, bedroom, bathroom, art studio) of everyone in the community and measure how much time they spend with the staff, record the activities they get help with and guide other caregivers to find them easily.

Operators & Community Management

Care Staff

Predict & Prevent

CarePredict helps you predict and prevent adverse events by providing timely and relevant insights. You can access these insights through various channels, such as real-time push notifications, web-based dashboards, scheduled emailed reports and self-serve on-demand reports. You can also customize how you receive alerts for urgent issues, such as web, app, text and email notifications. Some of the insights that CarePredict offers are:

  • How long your residents eat
  • How active your residents are on a scale of 1 to 10
  • How long your residents walk
  • How many minutes your residents sleep
  • How often your residents use the bathroom
  • How long your residents stay in the bathroom
  • How often your residents wake up at night
  • How much your residents socialize

Seniors & Loved Ones

Transitioning a senior into an Assisted Living or Memory Care community is a difficult decision for both the senior and their loved ones. You worry if their health is being closely monitored or if they are getting enough social interaction. With CarePredict, these communities can provide the answers you need, make recommendations to improve care and provide you peace of mind with your senior family member.


Low cost and easy to install

CarePredict is a system that uses Tempo™ wearables for residents, staff, and visitors, along with Context Beacons – small, battery-powered devices that are placed in every room and common area. The beacons use standard batteries, and the Tempo devices have rechargeable batteries and chargers. The staff can access the CarePredict Enterprise app on any mobile device with Android or iOS, and the main dashboards are web-based and compatible with any modern computer. The system does not require any cables, servers, or extra hardware. The Tempo devices connect via Wi-Fi, and a robust Wi-Fi network is enough for the system to work well. Our professional installers can set up your community quickly and smoothly in a few days.

Centralized Management

CarePredict provides a single enterprise system for multiple community operators, designed to handle thousands of communities. Multi-location community operators can access aggregated data from their communities in a unified dashboard, enabling centralized management, quality control and common functions consolidation.


Resident Call Button with 2-Way Voice

The Tempo is a device that helps residents get help quickly. It has a button that they can press to call for help. The care staff gets a message with the resident’s name and location, and they can talk to the resident through the device. The device also records how long it takes for the staff to respond and what kind of help they provide. This helps the staff improve their service and efficiency.

Fall Detection

The Tempo is a smart device that can detect falls. It uses a machine learning model that learns from falls and reduces false positives overtime. When it detects a fall, it alerts the care staff right away. The staff can verify the incident, thereby. ahelping the Tempo to further refine its ability to accurately differentiate real falls. The fall detection sensitivity can be adjusted for each person from low to very high. The system can also adapt and increase sensitivity for some people in some places, like the bathroom or bedroom where they have fallen before.

Visitor Management

CarePredict’s Visitor management software is a feature that comes with our solution. It runs on any Android or iOS and allows visitors to sign in and out with an  allocated Tempo wearable device on a lanyard or a badge. This way, the community can monitor visitors’ locations for incident reporting and digital contact tracing for infection prevention. The app also lets the community customize a questionnaire to check visitors’ health status, such as for covid-19 mitigation

Wander Management

The Tempo uses the Context Beacons for precise indoor location insights. This real-time location system triggers an alert to the care staff when a person is entering a restricted area—an essential feature in memory care units when residents wander. It can also alert when two people are too close who should not be or if a person enters a wrong suite. The system is customizable and enabled for each person, so each individual can have different areas or situations to alert on. This allows the system to work in dedicated memory care units as well as those where residents are mixed with assisted living or independent living residents.

Predictive Insights

Human observation was the only way to detect health problems in our loved ones for thousands of years. But as the number of seniors grows faster than the number of caregivers, we need technology to help us monitor their well-being. The Tempo is a device that tracks changes in activities and behaviors and warns the staff before a possible health decline. It notices when a resident is eating less, going to the bathroom more, or moving less. These changes can indicate health issues such as depression, UTIs, or fall risk. The staff can see these insights on the dashboard and take action.

TouchPoint - A View for Families

Now a community can share the activity levelsof a resident with their families. Families can access the CarePredict TouchPoint app to see how their loved one is doing. This feature provides peace of mind and transparency for the families and the residents.

PinPoint - Automated Digital Contact Tracing

CarePredict PinPoint is the first automated is a digital contact tracing solution created specifically for congregate living settings. It uses precise real-time location tracking to identify direct and indirect contacts of an infected person, areas visited by an infected person that might need further disinfection and also helps to find people who may have come in contact with the area previously visited by an infected person It also considers walls and doors, so it only shows contacts that were in the same room as the infected person. A peer-reviewed study showed that PinPoint reduced COVID-19 cases by 52% compared to conventional methods. A senior living community reported that PinPoint prevented 83% of residents from being isolated during the pandemic.

Keyless Door Entry

CarePredict aims to create a versatile device that can replace multiple outdated systems in senior living facilities. One of the features of CarePredict is the ability to unlock electronic doors within a community using industry-standard technologies. This eliminates the need for residents and staff to carry extra keys or lose them, and it encourages the use of the Tempo. The Tempo is compatible with most door systems from leading manufacturers.

CareVoice (Coming soon)

The CarePredict TouchPoint app allows family members to record personalized reminders and greetings for their loved ones. These messages will play automatically from the Tempo device at the chosen times and frequencies. For example, mom can hear a medication reminder in her grandchild’s voice or a reminder for an upcoming appointment! The care staff will also be able to record timely reminders for their residents.

Precise Real-Time Location Tracking System

CarePredict’s patented technology can locate anyone in a community (residents, staff and visitors) in real-time. It does not use radio frequencies or triangulation, like legacy RTLS systems. It can pinpoint the exact room where someone is, even in a small suite or behind a closed door. With such room-level accuracy, CarePredict can provide location insights that measure the time spent by care staff with a resident or guide a visitor to the exact location of a resident.

Staff Optimization

The industry is grappling with a shortage of qualified personnel and staff deficits. CarePredict accurately and automatically assesses each resident’s service requirements and the availability of caregiving personnel to meet those requirements. CarePredict’s insights enable the anticipation of staffing requirements with precision, right down to specific days and times of the week. It also identifies upcoming periods that might benefit from short-term Surge Staffing, as opposed to the traditional shift scheduling approach. This enables the utilization of an entirely new workforce of caregivers who prefer not to work full shifts to cover these peak staffing demands, while ensuring the right balance of shift-based staff. Additionally, CarePredict conducts daily automated surveys of each care staff member to monitor their well-being and proactively address burnout before it becomes a concern.


CarePredict provides a convenient way for staff and residents to automatically document vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse rate, SpO2, weight, temperature, glucose and respiratory rate. These measurements, collected from FDA-Cleared devices are automatically uploaded to the CarePredict dashboard or the EHR system Residents in independent living can also use the Tempo button to get reminders to take their vital readings without using a smartphone or app. The care staff can monitor the readings on the care dashboards.


CarePredict is a leading partner for senior living industry solutions, offering seamless integration with various systems and vendors. Whether it is electronic door systems, resident management systems, nurse call vendors, or other alert sources, CarePredict can integrate them all into a single unified workflow. CarePredict provides a central platform for managing alerts from door/window sensors, doorbell switches, door egress bars, pull cords and emergency push buttons.

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